June 21: DC United 2 – 1 Atlanta United (draft / placeholder)

I’m going to post this here in the off chance i find the time to get back to it and edit in a proper post. In the meantime, follow me on twitter for the occasional thought @tiotalfootball.


Here’s what I have on my desktop already. First an annotated look at Atlanta’s relatively successful high press in the first half. Asad is everywhere.

ATL 1H pressing actions

Second, the standard pressure/tidiness stats you may be accustomed to seeing on this here blog.

Game Pressure Table

Quickly, that 2.9 pass attempts per giveaway for DC in the first half really highlights how disruptive Atlanta was when DC tried to pass the ball around back there, which… you can also see was not very often, and even less often in the second half.

Overall, not many pass attempts at all in this one, odd. I blame RFK’s field.